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Final Plan Document

The Windsor-Osborne Special Area Plan (SAP) is a detailed look into how the corner of Windsor Parkway and Osborne Road can develop additional neighborhood-level commercial uses that can serve as local gathering places at a scale appropriate to the nearby community. It provides guidance on the scale and intensity of desired development, as well as the parking, sidewalks, and placemaking elements to support it.

Project Background Information

The intent of this project is to create a special area plan by expanding on the Lynwood Park Character Area and Big Idea: Windsor-Osborne Node that was included as part of City’s 2016 Character Area Study, a supplement to the City of Brookhaven 2034 Comprehensive Plan. The plan will also factor in the Windsor Parkway/Osborne Road round-a-bout design and its pending implementation when visioning the area’s potential and future development.

Windsor Parkway/Osborne Road Intersection Improvement

Please note that the round-a-bout project is a separate iniative from the Special Area Plan. For more information about the round-a-bout project and construction status, please visit the City's website.



During the 2016 Character Area Study, residents of Brookhaven had the opportunity to help shape the future of distinct character areas in the city. The community envisioned maintaining Lynwood Park as a traditional neighborhood while also encouraging neighborhood-scale commercial. 


The Character Area Study also identified three “big ideas” for the City of Bookhaven. One of these ideas is promoting neighborhood commercial at the intersection of Windsor Parkway and Osborne Road. There are currently only a couple commercial businesses in this area. The community would like to encourage the development of more neighborhood commercial uses, and in doing so, be thoughtful about how this transition occurs. Prior surveys indicate that neighborhood-scale retail and restaurant options are preferred, whereas urban and suburban development types are not wanted.


By building on previous planning efforts, the City of Brookhaven is committed to responsible and responsive community development. The community’s input through the Windsor-Osborne Special Area Plan will continue to guide how the Lynwood Park area can be improved.

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